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Mr. Chad Carroz
Market Manager

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How to Make Your Business a Destination Despite Being in a Low Traffic Location
by (Chad Elliot) 

Is your business location a bit off the beaten path? If your location doesn’t have the advantage of being in a high-traffic area, it can be a challenge to drive traffic to your business. But there...Read more

Are Outside Factors Impacting Your Marketing ROI?
by (Chad Elliot) 

Most businesses understand the importance of tracking and measuring their marketing ROI, but they often fail to consider the outside factors that can have an effect on it. You could be succeeding at...Read more

The Dos and Don'ts of Branding Your Law Firm Effectively
by (Chad Elliot) 

Branding through marketing is critical for every business, even when that business is a law firm. After all, while clients are probably already a qualified lead by the time they approach your firm,...Read more

The 2017 State of the Yellow Pages: Are Your Legal Clients Using Them?
by (Chad Elliot) 

Yellow Pages advertising is relatively inexpensive, and for many lawyers, it’s their go-to advertising medium. But the Yellow Pages has its limitations. Many people use the Yellow Pages as a doorstop...Read more

Pros and Cons of Newspaper Advertising
by (Chad Elliot) 

Newspaper print advertising has a long history of reaching audiences to build trust and leverage influence on purchase decisions. And even though we live in an increasingly digital world, the format...Read more


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Vice President Logistics

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Finance Director Toyota

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Production Manager - Medical Power

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Co-Founder & Principal Strategist

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